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Designing for a Millennial Audience

Purchasing power is transitioning to Millennials. Soon more decision-making leadership roles will be held by this tech-savvy generation. They are bringing hip back, are no-nonsense, and have high expectations for the quality of products and services. Businesses should note that the alternative to poor quality is often only a click away.

Cornerstones of Visual Communications


Be Flexible
Designers need to account for a variety of possibilities that include, individual customization and shareability. Expect that your media will be interacting with the public in ways you may not be able to predict.

Tell a Story
Consider what attitude should be conveyed to your audience. Your product/service needs to tell a story – design will be key in portraying that story.

Be Clear
Visuals are more important than ever. In a world of attention competition and multiple languages, consumers do not have time to ponder the meaning of a logo or graphic, or work through translations. Powerful imagery with clear meaning are essential for brand success.

Stay Current
Following trends can seem like a great undertaking, yet Millennials have put their stamp on certain visual preferences:

  • minimalistic, tidy and symmetrical presentations
  • vibrant and contrasting colors
  • distinctive typography and clear wording
  • a nod toward the analog world (of which they are the first generation removed)
    – vinyl albums
    – dial phones
    – pop culture icons
    – film cameras


Designers are now embracing the Millennial influence and appreciate their QUALITY FIRST aesthetic. For those of us who are a bit older, this provides an opportunity to reflect on our roots, appreciate the best the past had to offer and discover ways to make those motifs fresh and new!

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