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The Arts – Surviving COVID-19

In.cite Studio has been fortunate that graphic design is arguably in better position than many artistic platforms in the wake of COVID-19. Since our clients tend to be commercial businesses – though experiencing a variety of impact levels – we can continue to serve them from the safety of our computer workstations. For the most part, businesses (that are able to continue operating) are in a hurry to get the word out . . . they are ready to serve and eager to relay how they have adapted and demonstrate that it is safe to continue business with them in light of social distancing. This keeps commercial artists busy creating corporate marketing collateral . . . direct mail, e-news, social media, websites, signs etc. There are concerns as some clients are experience the frightening prospect of not surviving the lock-down. Businesses that rely on attracting large groups of people in closer spaces are at the greatest risk. Similarly companies that support and supply these businesses are also feeling strain.

Recently, in partnership with Allison Consulting (Liana Allison and Kathy Wolf) In.cite Studio created communications to help celebrate client staff and continue a branding presence for Stoney River Assisted Living and Transitional Care Managment (we even created hero socks to encourage their employees).


Superhero Healthcare Heroes work here. Female comic style hero and graphics

Woman Superhero Ad



Falling into the at risk realm are performing and fine artists who rely on performance venues and/or gallery showings to make a living. One thing that artists have historically shown is an ability to creatively tool solutions and ways to survive in hard times. And, if not adapting well to the current state of things thus falling head first into hard times, harnessing that experience to bring about new and reflected brilliance into their art in response to hardship.

Musicians are leading the way through electronic technology to virtually come together and express their art. Recording their parts safely in their homes then blending them together to produce exciting and high-quality musical experiences. My son who is a Music Education Major attends Elmhurst College near Chicago. Perusing my Facebook feed, I caught Gayle Bisesi’s (his Vocal Jazz Director) post of her Elmhurst College Virtual Jazz Ensemble performing Summer Wind. This ensemble is a mix of faculty and students who have found a way to continue to their art and get it out there to jazz lovers everywhere.


In other performance centered art, performers seek to embrace a contemporary vision that brings arts traditionally reserved for live theatric venues to online viewers, in a film format (at least temporarily). Nothing can replace the response interaction between audience and stage, however bringing that live stage to people at home may become the temporary norm and, even post-COVID, may surprisingly become a lucrative market position after live performance returns.

OnTheBoards.TV out of Portland might lend a peek at what this could look like:

Here are a few more ways to enjoy performance:




For visual arts, the challenge is to keep art in front of art lovers. There are a number of places online to view the works of artists in absence of the ability to visit galleries. Thankfully in our interconnected world, this is not an insurmountable task.

An example of this is The Gag Project’s gallery presentation Love In The Time of COVID-19

Sample Gallery Pieces
Explore a few more online galleries:



I’m also including a shameless plug for my insanely talented niece Rachel Hershberger. Living in Milwaukee Wisconsin, she is an important emerging talent in the photography. See her gallery here.

Four photo samples by Rachel Hershberger


In.cite Studio hopes that you are remaining safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We want you to know that we are here for you and any of your visual communication and graphic design needs. We understand the concerns of an unpredictable future for your business and the changing market landscape.

Please let us know if we can provide any advice or services for you! (847) 577-0518 or email us.

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